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On 30th of May, 2017 a seminar dedicated to renewable energy entitled "Solutions of Czech companies and institutions in the sphere of Renewable Energy" took place at the conference hall of Karloff Czech brewery in Yerevan. The seminar was organized by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Armenia and aimed at presenting to Armenian companies and other interested parties the professional technological solutions by the Czech experts and companies working in production of energy from renewable sources and discussing ways of financing future small and medium scale projects in Armenia.
The invited representatives of Czech companies and institutions presented their complex solutions in solar, wind and hydro power production, as well energy cogeneration as a result of waste processing. The presentations were followed by interactive discussions and negotiations between the participants on possible cooperation formats.

Solutions of Czech companies and institutions in the sphere of Renewable Energy

On 30th March 2016, China Longyuan Power and S.W.H. GROUP SE conclude an agreement, which relates economic and technical cooperation in the field of renewable energy resources and pure technologies, and also the cooperation in acquisition and development of wind parks, including construction management, project funding, management of operation maintenance and analysis of large data sets.

Both companies will cooperate also in application of devices for renewable energy resources, pure technologies, photovoltaic projects and further areas. The agreement concerns the cooperation in whole region of Central and Eastern Europe and its volume of 600 millions USD$. The company China Guodian belongs between 5 biggest producers of energy in China and through its subsidiaries companies it is also world´s largest operator of wind farms and 7th largest world producer of wind turbines.

dohoda mezi China Longyuan Power a S.W.H.GROUP SE

China Guodian Corporation Mr. Qiao Baoping, Chairman of the Board of Directors
S.W.H.GROUP SE, RNDr. Petr Nečas, Deputy CEO and Director for Strategic Development

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