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Photovoltaic power is a method of direct conversion of sunlight into electricity (direct current) using the photoelectric effect on large semiconductor photodiodes. Individual LEDs are called photovoltaic cells and are usually connected into larger units - photovoltaic panels. The actual articles are of two types - crystalline or thin.

Our projects:
Smaller solar projects built on rooftops: the units are adjusted to fit on various surfaces at various angles

Larger solar projects built in open areas: concrete columns are embedded to secure foundations on to which an aluminium profile system is mounted, on which the panels are secured. This system is easily adjusted to various surfaces, from soil to asphalt.

Products Q.CELLS

Our company S.W.H. GROUP SE is partnered with one of the biggest producers of photovoltaic system in the world, which is Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH ...

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Is a way of trading electricity from renewable sources. This would be the reason for the construction of your own RES (renewable energy source). It can be defined as "spinning the meter in both directions". How it works?

Before ordering any kit, please consider whether you will be better to contact us directly and get a customized offer. We are ready to suggest the possibility of using a particular structure, which will incorporate the influence of the position of the orientation of the roof. At the same time you perform the calculation of your future production and consumption of electricity and you can compare how it is convenient for you to own solar panels.

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